"Priston Tale" is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a 3D environment featuring detailed character models and free-drop camera frames allowing for 360-degree viewing. The game development will open up a world of effects and explosive impressions.

Priston Tale has added vivid visual and audio effects in real-time battles to give each player a greater appeal. Besides, with an intuitive interface, Priston Tale will introduce to players the best that no other MMORPG has ever had. The game takes full advantage of the advantages of the 3D environment, when the character is equipped with other weapons or armor, not only the character's graphics change but also with each movement of the character. Effects of skills and magic are also very flexible, giving players a sense of life and realism.

To avoid dull, monotonous monster hunting scenes, a party system allows characters to help each other in large battles. In addition, a special Item system and a frame displaying the strengths / weaknesses of both players and monsters will help players get more interesting encounters. This will attract players to the combat systems of the MMORPG genre from the beginning, it forces the player to flexibly adapt to the ever-changing battle scenes. In addition, the continuous battles in the Priston Tale will force players to not stop their hands.

Newcomers to the game will choose to start with a low level of 1 of the 4 character lines of each tribe, and then can gradually upgrade to higher ranks. Each level change will allow players to learn new skills. Character development will change according to class. The game also has a number of features exclusive to the higher ranks, which provide plenty of incentives for upgrade efforts.

+ Priston Tale has 2 character lines divided into 2 tribes:
- The tribe of strength, Tempskron: Consists of 5 lines of warriors specializing in physical strength to suppress cruel strength. They have health and an aggressive instinct.
    • Pikeman
    • Fighter
    • Archer
    • Mechanician
    • Assassin
- Magic tribe, Morion: Includes 5 warrior lines. In which there are 2 lines of pure magic and 2 lines mixed between
magic and warrior.
    • Priestess
    • Magician
    • Knight
    • Atalanta
    • Shaman


+ Game System

- Maximum level of 150.
- Clan system 24/7.
- SOD system 24/7.
- Sod Event.
- SOD system 24/7.
- System Skill Tier 5.
- Daily Quest system (Daily mission).
- New Quest system (Quest from 100 or more).
- Bless Caslte system.
- Aging system to +20.
- Mixing system: hands, feet, blood pipes.
- Premium Shop system in the game.
- Party system is not limited to level.
- Powerful anti-hacking system, automatically blocking player account.



- Devine Mix : 2 Transparo, 3 Murky, 4 Devine.
- Celesto Mix : 2 Murky, 3 Devine, 5 Celesto.
- Mirage Mix : 1 Murky, 2 Devine, 4 Celesto, 5 Mirage.
- Inferna Mix : 2 Celesto, 4 Mirage, 6 Inferna.
- Enigma Mix : 1 Celesto, 2 Mirage, 3 Inferna, 6 Enigma.
- Bellum Mix : 4 Enigma, 8 Bellum.
- Oredo Mix : 3 Bellum, 9 Oredo.

+ Enhancing Items :

* Weapon Stone : add Attack Pow to Weapon.
- 1st time : +5 ATK Pow.
- 2nd time : +7 ATK Pow.
- 3rd time : +8 ATK Pow.
- 4th time : +8 ATK Pow.
- 5th time : +9 ATK Pow.
- After 5 times will be : +9 ATK Pow.
* Defence Stone : add Absorb and HP to Armor, Shield and Orb.
- 1st time : +5 Abs and +30 HP.
- 2nd time : +7 Abs and +30 HP.
- 3rd time : +8 Abs and +40 HP.
- 4th time : +8 Abs and +40 HP.
- 5th time : +9 Abs and +50 HP.
- After 5 times will be : +9 Abs and +50 HP.
* Boots Stone : add Absorb and Speed to Boots.
- 1st time : +5 Abs and +1 Speed.
- 2nd time : +7 Abs and +1 Speed.
- 3rd time : +7 Abs and +1 Speed.
- 4th time : +8 Abs and +1 Speed.
- 5th time : +9 Abs and +1 Speed.
- After 5 times will be : +9 Abs and +1 Speed.
* Gauntlets Stone : add Absorb and Defence to Gauntlets.
- 1st time : +5 Abs and +30 Defence.
- 2nd time : +7 Abs and +40 Defence.
- 3rd time : +7 Abs and +40 Defence.
- 4th time : +8 Abs and +50 Defence.
- 5th time : +9 Abs and +60 Defence.
- After 5 times will be : +9 Abs and +60 Defence.
* Bracelets Stone : add Defence and Attack Rating to Bracelets.
- 1st time : +50 Defence and +30 Attack Rating.
- 2nd time : +60 Defence and +40 Attack Rating.
- 3rd time : +80 Defence and +50 Attack Rating.
- 4th time : +100 Defence and +60 Attack Rating.
- 5th time : +130 Defence and +70 Attack Rating.
- After 5 times will be : +130 Defence and +70 Attack Rating.

+ Conditions to make enhanced Items:
- 1st time: 1 booster stone + 2 billion gold.
- 2nd time: 1 booster stone + 3 billion gold.
- 3rd time: 1 booster stone + 6 billion gold + 500 coin.
- 4th time: 1 booster stone + 10 billion gold + 1000 coin.
- 5th time: 2 bosster stones (same type) + 15 billion gold + 2000 coin.
- From the 6th and up: 4 boosting stones (same type) + 20 billion gold + 3000 coin.


Dear All,
For the game environment to operate effectively, thereby bringing more benefits for gamers, when participating in the game, it is necessary to read carefully and comply with the following regulations :
* Subjects of application : All PrivatePT gamers.

- To ensure PriavtePT is a playground for gamers with a stability, we will make rules and penalties for those who do not want to participate or intentionally disturb Other players cause loss of unity as well as dissonance among players. Since then, building a truly stable and safe playground for everyone.
- Depending on each violation, a certain penalty will apply.
1. Spouting, Chelling
- Any form of verbal abuse is not allowed and will be punished.
   . Lightest penalty: Lock account 1 day.
   . Most severe penalty: 30 days account lock.
- Requires 1 screenshot to authenticate about the word of the violating player.
2. Using the Hack tools
- Using any 3rd party tools, any Hack program will be punished.
   . Penalty: Lock account permanently.
3. Scam, cheating
- Scam, cheating other players will be punished, especially deliberately fraudulent purposes will be severely punished.
   . The lightest penalty: Returning items or other things that are decepted.
   . The heaviest penalty: Lock the account permanently.
- Request 1 image, specific time, witness (may have) authenticated about the fraudulent behavior of the violating player.
- Only cases with 100% clear evidence will be dealt.
4. Impersonation, Insulting GM
- Impersonating or insulting the game management team will be punished.
   . Penalty: Lock account permanently.
- GMs will patrol the game and detect impostors, offend GM - no proof is needed.
The management team has the right to punish players for other reasons not only the above violations if they find it reasonable. Although this is not often used.
Remember that if you see someone breaking the rules write a article stating the content to FanPage for the management team to strictly handle the violations, helping to build a healthy playground for Vietnamese community.
All of the above violations, players can use the hotkey Ctrl + Home, or Ctrl + End to capture the image (the image will be saved at the Capture folder located in the Client) then you Please post to FanPage, for management to take a strict form.

II. KS Law
+ Regulations with KS whistleblowers
- The whistleblower must have sufficient proof to prove the ownership of the spawm (eg clean spawm image, note when taking a screenshot of your clean spawm without monster or being RC will be affected refute to avoid your ks but RC and capture the screen to fake clean spawm).
- The spawm owners need to regularly take a screenshot of their screen (with ctrl + home key combination. * Note that you need to capture max size when in window mode).
- With pictures proving to be spawm, GM will apply the latest photo to consider.
+ Regulations with people who are accused of KS
- You should not action ks, because if you do not have enough proof to prove your spawm, you will be punished according to PrivatePT regulations.
- For those of you who have proof that spawm is yours, please post it at the topic you are accused of, GM will rely on the evidence to do it.
Note: GM will not accept your ks problem by PM or topics without attaching at least 2 image files (ctrl + home max size key combination), with PM cases and topics If you attach a file to prove it, GM will block your topic without any reason.
+ Penalty of PrivatePT (with full evidence)
- First time : banned 3 days.
- Second time : banned 7 days.
- Third time : banned 1 month.
- Fourth time : permanently banned.
- For those who are detected with clean spawm behavior and counterfeiting behavior (taking photos at RC or other cases .. v..v ..) for the first time: banned 7 days.
- For those who have detected clean spawm behavior and counterfeiting behavior (taking photos at RC or other cases .. v..v ..) for the second time: permanently banned (GM will not accept the case love cheating GM).
- For members of the party in the party ks:
   . First time: reminders.
   . Second time : banned 3 days.
   . Third time: banned 7 days.
   . Fourth time: permanently banned.
*Note: The spawm or monster on all maps apply this rule except the boss. All bosses are the server's common, everyone has the right to hunt, everyone has the right to pick up boss's items.

III. Auto Law
To create fun and have lots of spawn for you to play by hand (without using auto software), The Management Board divided into 2 options as follows:
- PrivatePT does not allow you to use auto software on Map Train and Hunt. GM will patrol to monitor your auto, if detected violations, you will be punished.
- PrivatePT allows you to use the auto software, to automatically play on the EXP Map. When you go to sleep, you can still earn more exp.
- Form of sanction :
   . First time : banned 1 day.
   . Second time : banned 3 days.
   . Third time : banned 7 days.
   . Fourth time : permanently banned.

Thank you for reading these rules, along with you we can bring the best PrivatePT to players.


I/ Game installation Private Pristontale:
- After downloading the game, extract the downloaded file into the same folder.
- In the game directory, go to the Directx folder. In the Directx folder, there are 2 Redist folders of Windows 7 and Windows 10.
- Go to both folders in turn, run the file Dxsetup.exe to install directX.

II/ Join Fanpage:
- At the website, click on the facebook icon.
- Click Like and Follow to receive notifications from GM.

III/ Mission system:
1/ Newbie quest:
- In Ricarten Town or Phillai, meet Instructor Annie for the first quest.
+ Beginning 1: Find and meet Blacksmith Gus.
+ Beginning 2: go find and meet John, The Adventure..
+ Beginning 3: go find and meet Atlantis Ambassador Rennan.
+ Beginning 3.5: go meet Atlantis Ambassador Rennan to travel through AtlantisTown. In Atlantis Town, find and meet Huntress.
- Beginning 3.5-1: right click on Teleport Core, select number 37 in the list, move outMystery land of Florest 1. Destroy 100 monsters in 60 minutes.
+ Beginning 4: Go to the Item Shop.
+ Beginning 5: go find and meet the Skill Master Verkan.
+ Medium 1: go through Navisko and meet BlackSmith Umph.
+ Medium 2: go through Navisko and meet the Miscellaneous Store Byant.
+ Medium 3: find and meet the Force Master in Ricarten.
+ Medium 4: go through Atlantis to find Supply Store Ny.
+ Medium 4.1: Right-click on Teleport Core, select number 38 to proceed to MystoryForest 2.
+ Medium 5: go through Atlantis and meet BlackSmith Frain.
+ Medium 5.1: Right click on Teleport Core, select number 39 to proceed to MystoryForest 3.
+ Medium 6: go through Atlantis to meet Mayor Maz.
+ Medium 6.1: Right click on Teleport Core, choose number 39 to proceed to MystoryForest 3.
+ Medium 7: Right click on Teleport Core, select number 39 to proceedMystory Forest 3. Destroy 500 monsters.
+ Medium 8: kill 1000 monsters in Mystory Forest 3.
+ High 1: go through Eura, and meet the Miscellaneous Store.
**Buy gems at John - The Adventurer to craft wings. Wings are used to go WarpGate through other lands.
- Find and destroy 10 monsters at Gallubia Valley. Once completed, return to Eura to meet the Miscellaneous Store toreceive weapons as gifts.
+ High 2: go through Pillai, meet Daily Mission Advisor - Ian.
+ High 3: go through Gallubia Valley, kill 15 monsters named Chaos Cara.
+ High 4: go through Eura, meet Force Master .
+ High 4-1: kill 30 monsters at Gallubia Valley.
+ High 5: qgo through Eura to meet the Miscellaneous Store.
+ High 5-1: kill 40 monsters at Gallubia Valley.
+ High 6: go through Frozen, kill 15 Devil Birds.
+ High 7: at Ricarten, find and meet Albus PWB Dumbledore.
+ High 7-1: go find and meet Messenger - Saphir. Go to Albus PWB Dumbledore, chooseTeleport to Fury Arena Entrance.
+ High 7-2: go back to Ricarten to meet Annie, complete quest High 7.
+ High 8: go through Eura, meet guard Eura Guard Andrei.
+ High 8.1: kill 50 monsters at Frozen Santuary. Once finished, go back to see the guard Eura Guard Andrei to return the duty.
+ High 9: go to Frozen Santuary, destroy monsters as indicated.

2/ Promotion mission:
- Go to see Skill Master-Verkan at Ricarten or Pillai depending on tribe.
2.A/ Tier 1: default is available.
2.B/ Tier 2: hunt wolves to collect 3 types of items "horn, claw and tail. All 3 items are sold behind the Master's backSkill.
2.C/ Tier 3: To upgrade skill tier 3, you need to do some small quests.
- Go find 3 sheltoms called Vamp. This capsule is sold behind Master Skill.
- Take up the weapon quest, go out to Forgotten Land (Teleport Core 13), find and kill 5 Armored Beetle monsters.
- Move forward to Oasis (Teleport Core No. 15), find and kill 9 Skeleton Ranger monsters.
- At Oasis, find and kill 9 more Titan monsters.
2.D/ Tier 4: continue to complete small quests.
- Move through Railway of Chaos, find and kill 15 Iron Guard monsters. Return to Master Skill after completing.
- Move through the Heart of Perum, find and kill 15 Metron monsters.
- Go back to Master Skill, take on the quest to find the Royal Amulet item, available behind Master Skill.
- You are moved into the arena, fighting with Master Verkan.
2.E/ Tier 5: Go to Atlantis Town to receive quests.
- Meet the guard Atlantis Prison Guard. Accept the first mission: go kill Bloody Knight on Lost Island (TeleportCore number 32) to find the Eye of Valento. Move through Mystery Desert 1 (Teleport Core 40), find and kill Princeto receive the Eye of Prince.
- Side quest 2: Go to Oasis (Teleport Core No. 15), find Diamond Tears around the lake.
- Side quest 3: kill 300 monsters in the SOD.
- Last quest: Return to Ricarten or Pillai to meet Master Skill. You will be put into 1 arena in 15 minute.



- PrivatePT gives you relaxation after a stressful working day, helping you temporarily put aside worries in life, by experiencing adventures, hunting monsters and Boss, searching for objects rare in the game.
- Besides that, the Management Board has contributed to building the Server, and make sure to maintain the Server forever. Will not let the Server down like other PTs. Therefore, if you want to help maintain the Server, you can send donations to bank accout :

   + Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Techcombank (Ho Chi Minh Branch)
   - Name : Tran Thanh Lan
   - Account number : 1902 7354 710 011
   - Content : privatept donations, id (your in-game account name)

    + Or Paypal account :

+ Gifts : when you donate to the Server, you will receive gifts from Management Board .
- 01 (USD) corresponds to 69 coins.
- 10 (USD) corresponds to 690 coins.
- 50 (USD) corresponds to 3,450 coins.
- 100 (USD) corresponds to 6,900 coins
*Cumulative policy:
- Donate 1 time or accumulate to 90 (usd), get 1 more V-Ring. Image: V-Ring
- Donate 1 time or accumulate to 180 (usd), get 1 more SV-Ring. Image: SV-Ring
- Donate 1 time or accumulate to 270 (usd), get 1 more SV-Ring. Image: S-Amulet



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Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Heading Level 4

Heading Level 5
Heading Level 6


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i = 0;

while (!deck.isInOrder()) {
    print 'Iteration ' + i;

print 'It took ' + i + ' iterations to sort the deck.';



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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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